"A Century of Commitment to Research, Education and Conservation"

President's Message by Gary Will - January 2018

Seems like I have lost the past two months! Winter is here Central New York State for sure. It’s white and frozen. Already some people are cutting 10.5 inches of ice for storage. And, more cold weather is in the forecast. Oh boy!

I’m not going to repeat my report for 2017, however the past year could be characterized as a year of transition. For example, we now have a new treasure and finance officer, Dan Wentworth, who works for Wells College. Dr. John Davis, who has worked at SUNY Albany, has volunteered to be the new Grants Chairman. And, Dr. Paul Curtis, from Cornell University, will be serving as secretary. In addition, we have a new financial advisor, Chad Steckle who works for Morgan/Stanley.

Looking back, the membership voted to allow electronic voting for officers and on upcoming issues. Also, we have more paid members than we have had in many years. Five states are now represented in AWCF. In addition, our portfolio has grown nicely over the past twelve months. Perhaps we can fund an extra project or two in 2018. Our website is serving us well as evidenced by the number of grant applications. Financially were doing very well as we the balance sheet for the past year.

Earlier in the month the Board of Directors met and made decisions as to upcoming seminar topics and meeting locations. Announcements will be forthcoming. Over the past three years I have emphasized the need for more members and more revenue. Vice President Dan Leete has challenged us to increase our membership to 60 paid members (we had 31 in 2017). Dan has proven this is doable. The key is to find men and women that have a passion for the environment and more specifically Fish and Wildlife resources. As a reminder anyone over 18 years of age can be a member.

In terms of member recruitment my past advice is… ask people to join. If you know someone who would like to donate to the Foundation and you don’t know how to go about it, let Dan or I know. We are willing to assist you and the prospective donor. It’s really that easy.

Enjoy the rest of winter.