"A Century of Commitment to Research, Education and Conservation"

President's Message by Daniel C. Leete - January 2019

Greetings. Thank you for opening up this American Wildlife Conservation Foundation website. I hope that you and I have at least a few things in common, such as: a love for the natural world, many ways of being outdoors that are enjoyable for you, perhaps even a commitment that you want to do something that will help the planet, to make this world a healthier, better place.

I am really excited about the American Wildlife Conservation Foundation. It has a distinguished, remarkable, important history. Theodore Roosevelt helped to get this organization established, way back in 1911! If you have heard of a “duck stamp”, well, this organization played a large role in getting so many citizens of the United States to understand that we must find ways to conserve a large component of birdlife in North America, and the duck stamp was one of the results that really works in the protection of certain species of birds. We’ve been doing that sort of thing for over a century.

The American Wildlife Conservation Foundation continues to make a difference, every year, this year. We give money away - every year - to fund scientific research projects so we can learn and understand more about our natural world, and DO more to protect and conserve many important species, whether they are birds, fish, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and more. We also provide free public education programs, frequently in collaboration with many other agencies, so that people like you and I get a chance to learn more about what is happening to our natural resources, wildlife, even the systems that govern the entire planet.

Since being elected to be President of the American Wildlife Conservation Foundation on January 1st, 2019, I want you to know that I - as a volunteer - will work as hard as I can to help this organization grow. We can fund more research grants. We can provide more free public education programs. But I can’t do it alone. Our Board members can’t do it alone. We need more help.

We have a dedicated membership that is growing, and you can be a member too. We could really use your help. There are many ways that you can help. Let’s talk. Would you like to join us?

Daniel C. Leete
President, AWCF