"A Century of Commitment to Research, Education and Conservation"

President's Message by Brian Dam - November 2021

The start of the latest century has ushered in unprecedented (in our lifetimes) climate change. Even though the earth never enjoyed a static climate phase for very long, in earth years not people years, the present shift to warmer temperatures and more violent weather has had, and will continue to have, an impact on wildlife and humans.

 While humans are being blamed for the acceleration of this change, few folks realize there was a time when the Arctic was tree covered and, in another colder era, 200-foot-thick sheets of ice covered much of the top half of North America.

 Preserving the wildlife we enjoy thru these climate changes requires a deeper understanding of the many facets of nature yet unlearned.

 The goal of the American Wildlife Conservation Foundation is to support research leading to the better understanding of all species. (see the excerpt on burrowing owls as an example) We are a small organization compared to the multi-million-dollar foundations out there but our foundation has a long and illustrious history. (read the AWCF history section)

 I would encourage anyone reading the research materials on this website, with a passion for wildlife knowledge, to read the Become a Member section and join.

 Being a supporting member of the AWCF can help further the understanding of many untouched portions of research and hopefully guarantee wildlife will be here for future generations to enjoy.