Most Recent Projects

If you haven’t caught up with the Foundation’s activities on our website, we have already funded three grants for a total of $8,000 this year:

1. Molly Hassett, CESF, “Determination of possible sugar limitations of emerald ash borer parasitoid release sites in Northern United States.”

2. Andrew Miano, CESF, “The influence of spawning habitat on round goby egg predation for broadcast spawning species.”

3. Jade Keehn, University of Nevada, “Do changing abiotic and biotic conditions at wind farms influence behavior, population dynamics, and species composition of desert reptiles?”

The Foundation’s endowment continues to exceed a quarter of a million dollars. With current member support and new member recruitment we would be capable of increasing our number of grants and/or adding new projects to our list of accomplishments.

Ask a friend to accompany you to the meeting to learn whether our mission is compatible with his/her environmental interests.

The spring grant period has come to a close.  We received 21 applications as well as 2 from overseas. A large range of really good projects.  The break down by states is 6 from New York, 3 from Ohio, 2 from Montana, and 2 from Utah. 1 each from Mississippi, Nevada, Canada, Oklahoma, California, Maine, West Virginia, Virginia, and Idaho.  The grants have been sent to the other committee members and a decision will announced by March 1 and checks sent out on or about March 15.  I wish we could fund them all but we are limited in the number we can fund.

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